Promoting the 5 lane proposal for Tazewell Pike

This site is being developed to promote the proposal to widen Tazewell Pike to 4 traffic lanes and a turn lane from Old Broadway to just past the intersection with Jacksboro Pike for one mile. This little section of Tazewell Pike handles over 12,000 vehicles a day with 4% trucks.

Every evening traffic backs up from I-640 West and East up the ramps from Old and New Broadway coming on to Tazewell Pike

Looking toward Broadway and I 640 from 3015 Tazewell Pike there is a mass of active businesses. The brand new Coldwell Banker Real Estate office is on the right followed by Hardee's and a shopping center with Sun Trust Bank, Blockbuster Video, Atomic Pawn, a Party Supplies Store and more
On the left is a Printer, a gift store and dry cleaners, Doctors offices, and a very busy Pilot Convenience store -where the ambulance service for this area of Knoxville waits for calls 24 hours a day.

Anyone who has ever tried to make a left turn into one of these businesses
or has tried to exit going against traffic has experienced the frustration of
the huge traffic load on this short section of Tazewell Pike.

Looking toward Jacksboro pike there is another shopping center with Pizza Hut Delivery, Rita's Bakery and the new National Fitness Center with massive traffic particularly at 5pm weekdays and a very busy Pratt's Country Store and produce market

Every day brings the screeching of tires as cars apply brakes to avoid near
collisions. The scream of sirens either from the Ambulance Service that uses the Pilot Station as a base or the Fire Station on Jacksboro Pike can be heard several times a day. God forbid anyone in Smithwood or points East and North of the Pilot Station have a heart attack from 4:30pm to 6:30pm because there is simply no room for traffic to pull out of the way of these emergency vehicles costing them valuable time that could be used to save a life.

Contact: Aurabass@comcast.net to join the Business and Property Owners of Tazewell Pike Association in pushing for the much needed widening of Tazewell Pike

The Plan has already been engineered and approved by the Metropolitan Planning Commission. It is being held up by The Adair Gardens Neighborhood Association who oppose the plan for unknown reasons.This plan would actually benefit Adair Gardens since traffic that now drives through their neighborhood on Adair and Sanders would be more likely to use a wider safer Tazewell Pike.

This stretch of road experiences 10 times the number of traffic accidents that are average for a road of this type. How many people have to be injured or have their lives cut short before action is taken to remedy this terrible situation?

Please leave a comment in the COMMENTS section below this line with your phone and e-mail information if you would like to help with this cause.

Thank You
Barry Bozeman author Wide the Pike.com


The Advanced Planning Report Text

The purpose of this Advance Planning Report (APR) is to evaluate existing traffic conditions and determine the need and feasibility of improving approximately 0.97 miles of Tazewell Pike (S.R. 331) located in northeast Knoxville between Broadway (U.S. 441, S.R. 33) and Smithwood Road. This area of Knoxville has experienced significant development resulting in increased traffic without the necessary traffic accommodations to provide acceptable operations.
Therefore, the transportation infrastructure must be improved to better manage the existing traffic conditions and to prepare for future growth anticipated in the area. This APR addresses Tazewell Pike (S.R. 33) from Broadway to Smithwood Road. This APR was commissioned by the City of Knoxville and has been developed in cooperation with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).

The APR analyzes existing (1999), projected 2004 baseline, and projected 2024 traffic conditions for Tazewell Pike, estimates right-of-way, develops construction costs, and identifies environmental concerns.

Accident Rate 20.30 Statewide Avg. Accident Rate 3.32

Tazewell Pike (S.R. 331) extends northeast from Broadway and is a state secondary route. Its functional classification is an urban minor arterial street with an average daily traffic (ADT) volume of 12,460. Traffic signals exist at its intersection with Jacksboro Pike.

Regional facilities accessing Tazewell Pike include Broadway (US 441) to the southwest. Access to Interstate 640 is provided south on Broadway. Broadway also provides access to the Knoxville CBD. Traffic counts were conducted for an eight-hour period thereby providing the peak-hour traffic volumes. Capacity and level of service analyses were conducted for the principal intersections and the results are illustrated in Figures A3 and A4 for the AM and PM peaks.
While not entirely apparent from the LOS analysis, congestion between Broadway and Jacksboro Pike and at the Sanders Road / Jacksboro Pike intersection can be severe during peak periods. In the morning peak hour, queues on westbound Tazewell Pike at Jacksboro Pike occur back to the cemetery and delays of over 3 minutes are normal. Similar delays occur in the afternoon between Broadway and Jacksboro Pike.
From the 1999 traffic counts conducted, design hour volumes (DHV) were developed for 2004. The 2004 traffic projections were determined using historical traffic counts for the past ten years which identified an annual growth rate of 3.0 percent; therefore the five year baseline traffic was calculated by factoring the 1999 DHV by 1.15.

Improvements proposed for Tazewell Pike include the intersection of Jacksboro Pike and widening Tazewell Pike to provide a typical cross section of five-lanes from Broadway northeast to Jacksboro Pike where the cross-section transitions to the existing two lane roadway. The northbound right-turn approach of Tazewell Pike to eastbound Tazewell Pike at Jacksboro Pike would be a free-flow movement, and the southwestbound approach of Tazewell Pike at Broadway will have a channelized right-turn lane to northbound Broadway. In addition, the intersection of Tazewell Pike at Jacksboro Pike and Sanders Road is proposed to have two through lanes for the movement between Tazewell and Jacksboro Pikes. Single left-turn lanes provide the turning movements for northbound, southbound, and eastbound approaches. The westbound approach would have a double left-turn lane from Tazewell Pike. The typical section proposed for the five-lane facility is an 88-foot R.O.W. with five 12-foot travel lanes, two 2-foot bicycle lanes, 2-foot curb and gutter, and 7-foot sidewalks.

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